Introducing a new Sustainable Innovation Accelerator

Montreal, September 7, 2017 – Finally, taking full advantage of the success and enthusiasm generated by the Sustainable Development Forum (Forum Développement Durable) held in Victoriaville on September 6th, several key players, actors of change in Quebec’s innovation landscape, have come together today to announce the creation of a consortium with a sole objective: being an Accelerator of Sustainable Innovation.

Consisting of experts, professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs stemming from a wide range of interdependent and complementary areas, namely Energy, information technology, finance, business development, regional planning, mobility, Economy and Clean technologies, the Sustainable Innovation Accelerator brings together individuals as well as organizations with a common desire to play an active part in the implementation of tangible solutions to the environmental, social and economic issues that each and every one of us must face.

In addition to the diversity of their knowledge, know-how and areas of expertise, these actors share a passion, a willingness and a determination to put their expertise at the service of Quebec’s population. Moreover, they are visionaries, with an accurate and up-to-date understanding of their markets’ behaviours, who are able to identify, and are constantly trying to overcome, the main obstacles to innovation.

Searching for solutions to address Sustainable Innovation’s economic hurdles

Humankind is now facing increasingly complex and diverse challenges on an unprecedented scale. Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are two compelling examples which, sadly, provide us but with a glimpse of the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Fortunately, accumulated knowledge as well as expertise and modern technical capabilities, combined with creativity and open innovation, offer a nearly unlimited range of solutions to these unparalleled challenges. Information technologies, artificial intelligence and energy system‑related revolutions have barely begun to reveal their full transformative potential which must be put to use for the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, despite the very best of intentions, the implementation of these solutions is arduous due to a number of recognized and documented constraints: resistance to change, cumbersome bureaucratic processes, social acceptability issues, rigid regulatory frameworks, nonexistent or inadequate support programs, etc. Additionally, the daily priorities and pressing matters our respective highly compartmentalized responsibilities entail significantly limit our capacity to provide the necessary time and attention to tackle problems in a global and integrated manner, as required for the implementation of sustainable development.

Consequently, those looking for solutions and those that develop these same solutions rarely cross each other’s paths and, more often than not, meet accidentally or fortuitously. More fundamentally, knowledge is so diffuse and compartmentalized nowadays that solutions with an outstanding return potential are often overlooked because those who could and should make use of them simply do not know they exist and, very often, that they need them.

An action-oriented meeting space focused on achieving results measurable over time

The Sustainable Innovation Accelerator’s strategic actors are committed to breaking the cycle of inefficient inertia outlined above by not only providing themselves with a meeting space, but also with the means and opportunity to be attentive and to listen, finally allowing for all the accumulated knowledge and techniques to be put at the service of the swift resolution of environmental, economic and social problems. They define themselves as proactive catalysts of sustainable change.

With time, they will welcome others who also share this stimulating collective ideal and are able to make a complimentary and appropriate contribution towards these goals.

Together and by mutual agreement, Sustainable Innovation Accelerator participants will focus on issues for which proven solutions already exist, and primarily on territories (municipalities, RCMs, regions) interested in welcoming the combined strength of human and technological intelligence. It is through, and thanks to, these territories that optimal conditions and appropriate frameworks will be implemented in order for stimulating projects to deliver significant, and quick, results. It will then be possible to demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt not only their relevance, but also their efficiency and their intrinsic value to the benefit of society as a whole.

Simply put, with the creation of this Accelerator, it will be possible to pick up the pace of sustainable innovation in Quebec!

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Source: Sustainable Innovation Accelerator

For additional information:

Monsieur Philippe Bourke,
Vice President, Strategic Development and Public Affairs, Réseau Environnement
514-791-7022 |

Monsieur François Bedard,
CEO Plan B Développement Inc, Senior Advisor Innovation & Connected Content







Current members of the Sustainable Innovation Accelerator:

  • Jean Lacroix, President and CEO, Réseau Environnement and the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie (AQME)
  • Philippe Bourke, Vice President, Strategic Development and Public Affairs of Réseau Environnement and the Fondation québécoise de recherche sur l’environnement (FQRE)
  • Francois Bedard, President of Plan B Développement Inc / Senior Advisor Innovation & Connected Content
  • Thierry Jacquelin, President, Associate, Groupe Alphard
  • Sebastien Mignacco, Territory Account Manager, Cisco Canada
  • Bernard Tetu, President, DimOnOff Inc.
  • Philippe Landry, National Sales Executive – Hospitality / Samsung
  • Bernard Pitre, CEO Convectair
  • Sylvie Guévin, Quebec and Atlantic Manager, ROXUL
  • Sabin Boily, President, Groupe YDEE
  • Paul Fafard, President, 2Klic
  • Normand Dupuis, Director, Direct Sales – Canada, Levithon
  • Mario Lehoux, Senior Advisor, Designer Praevar & authorized reseller of Civiq products and services
  • Sébastien Sauvé, Professor, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Université de Montréal, and outgoing Director of IEDDEC